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We hereby pledge to bring about a 21st century in which the human race will finally make peace with the animal kingdom. Human beings will no longer kill, maim, torture or exploit fellow beings for food or other purposes. Animals will have fundamental rights which will be internationally recognised.

It is clear beyond any doubt that the survival of the human race depends upon the survival of the forests and other natural resources and of the animals with whom we share this planet. We pledge to protect all of them. We oppose the introduction of animal genes into human beings and the genetic manipulation of animals and plants.

The human race will reach the pinnacle of civilisation when it extends the hand of friendship and compassion to the animal kingdom and returns to the healthy plant-based diet best suited to the moral and physical needs of our species, thus avoiding the related evils of animal exploitation, human starvation and environmental destruction.

At the close of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, let us make a tryst with destiny to create a world free of violence towards all living beings who are dependent on our love and compassion. Together let us embark on that long journey which will bring about a world in which all animals are treated with compassion and mercy and accorded rights that human beings take for granted.

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Mahaveer Award

This year's Mahaveer Award was presented to Dr. Shireen Kasam founder of "The Health Based Professionals" - Details in the News section.

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Stop Using Milk in Temples and Homes


The use of milk in religious ceremonies has to stop at our temples and homes, as immense cruelty is involved in milk production. Cows are impregnated artificially. The calf is separated immediately from the mother. If a male calf is born it is killed or raised for beef. After three impregnations the cow is worn out and slaughtered and the meat used for pet food. Under pressure to produce a maximum amount of milk, the cow is pushed to her limit and suffers from swollen udders, arthritis, mastitis and many other ailments. Pus from the cow and blood cells mix with the milk. How can it be right to use milk produced in such cruelty to be used in the worship of God?

We Pledge that Milk will no longer be used at our Temple or Home.
We will use Soy milk, Almond milk or any other alternative.


Prayers for the safety of Jain Monks and Nuns

Jain Monks and Nuns travel by foot to different parts of India. There have many accidents involving passing vehicles in which the Monks and Nuns have died. If you agree to do the prayers please sign your name, country and email at the pledge link below.





Recommended Book: Cooking at home with Pedatha
Awarded 'Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World' 2006 by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

"This book is very special, with excellent text, world class photography, clever design, with a focus on local recipes: those are all the ingredients needed to make one of the best cookbooks in the world!"

(The Gourmand Yearbook 2007)

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