September 2023

Mahaveer Award 2023 Presented to Dr. Shireen Kasam:
The Mahaveer Award was Presented to Dr. Shireen Kasam founder of The Health Based Professionals. The organisation has medical professionals who promote a Vegan Lifestyle. This award was presented on Saturday 9 September 2023 at the conference by HBF at Imperial College London. Dr. Shireen's entire family are Vegans.

June 2023

The following Donations were made by Jain Animal Sanctuary from April to June 2023. We depend on your support to help the animals. Please consider making a donation on a monthly basis. The details are as follows: 
Name: Jain Animal Sanctuary 
Bank: Barclays 
Sort Code: 20 24 61
Account Number: 00520225
Donations made by the Jain Animal Sanctuary from April to June 2023 First I would like to thank all those who gave us a donation so that we can continue supporting animal Sanctuaries both in the UK and abroad. We also support campigning Animal Rights organisations. Special thanks also to many individuals who donate generously.
We made the following donations over the last 3 months:
1 £600 to Lolas Animal Sanctuary, Crawley.
2 £300 to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich
3 £300 to F.R.I.E.N.D Animal Sanctuary, Tonbridge, Kent.
4 £300 to Hugletts Wood Farm, East Sussex.
5 £300 to Beneath the Woods Animal Sanctuary, Wales.
6 £500 to People for Animals, Faridabad, Haryana, India.
7 £200 to Puppy Rescue.
8 £200 to Uganda Protection and Care for Animals. (around 912,000 Shillings)
9 £50 to Horse Sense Wirral
Total Donated: £2,700.50 over 3 months.
Over £400,000 donated to animal sanctuaries over the years.
We have also set up a standing order of £22 every month for Animal Equality. Every donation will be matched by another donor so they will receive £44 every month.

March 2023

Our lifelong member and supporter Poonam Doshi has been chosen as an inspiring individual by the Vegan Society along with other 4 ladies on the occasion of the Womens Day.
Read details on Vegan Society website here

Poonam has been associated with Young Indian Vegetarians since childhood.

The following Donations were made by Jain Animal Sanctuary from January to March 2023. We depend on your support to help the animals. Please consider making a donation on a monthly basis. The details are as follows: 
Name: Jain Animal Sanctuary 
Bank: Barclays 
Sort Code: 20 24 61
Account Number: 00520225
Our grateful thanks to:
Jain Samaj Europe for the kind donation of £1,000.00 for the year 2023.
Mahavir Foundation (Jaisukhbhai Mehta) for a donation of £500 for the year 2023.
Special thanks also to many individuals who donate generously.

Donations made in the last 3 months - January to March 2023:
1. £600 to Lolas Animal Sanctuary, Crawley.
2. £300 to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich
3. £300 to F.R.I.E.N.D Animal Sanctuary,  Tonbridge, Kent.
4. £300 Hugletts Wood Farm, East Sussex.
5. £300 to Beneath the Woods Animal Sanctuary, Wales.
6. £500.00  to People for Animals, Faridabad, Haryana, India.
7. £126.50 Woodgreen The Animal Sanctuary.
8. £100.00 Turkey Earthquake Appeal for injured animals.
9. £100.00 Mahew, Dogs Animal Rescue Service, London.
10. £100.00 Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent.
11. £100.00 to PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals UK.
Total Donated: £2,826.50 over 3 months.
Over £400,000 donated to animal sanctuaries over the years.

October 2022

The following Donations were made by Jain Animal Sanctuary from July to September 2022. We depend on your support to help the animals. Please consider making a donation on monthly basis. The details are as follows: 

Name: Jain Animal Sanctuary 
Bank: Barclays 
Sort Code: 20 24 61
Account Number: 00520225

Donations made in the last 3 months - July to September 2022:

1. £500.00 to People for Animals Trust Haryana, India. 
2. £500 to Tinku Memorial Trust, Valsad, Gujarat, India. 
3. £600 to Lola's Animal Sanctuary over 3 months. 
4. £300 to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich over 3 months.
5. £300 to Bushy Tail Cat
6. £300 to Freedom For Animals 
7. £300 to F.R.I.E.N.D Animal Sanctuary over 3 months.
8. £300, Beneath the Woods Animal Sanctuary, Wales
9. £200 to Sheep Sanctuary, West Yorkshire.
10. £100 to Dogs Trust.
11. £100 to Animal Care Egypt.
12. £100 to Animal Aid.
Total: £3,600.00
Over the last 35 years we have donated almost £400,000.

June 2022

Mahaveer Award 2022 Presented to Mohanji:
On the 28th of June, Mohanji was recognised for his work in promoting lifestyle of compassion. He was awarded the “Mahaveer Award” presented by Nitin Mehta and Vaid Bharath of the Indian Vegan and Vegetarian Society.

The award was inscribed – “Out of great compassion for all living beings, you are guiding the world towards the path of Ahimsa (non-violence) and a plant-based, meat-free lifestyle. WE salute you.”

Mohanji raises awareness of generations from selfishness to selflessness. He has dedicated his life to serving the world with this single purpose – to raise humans to achieve the highest values of human potential such as kindness, compassion and non-violence. Or in other words, make the transition from human-kind to kind humans.

June 2022

Donations made by the Jain Animal Sanctuary April and June 2022:
First of all I would like to thank all those who made donations to us so that we can support Animal Sanctuaries and those fighting for animal rights both in the UK and abroad.
Our special thanks to:
1. Jain Samaj Europe for a donation of £500.00
2. Rajsubagh Satsang Mandal UK for a donation of £237.50
3. Mahavir Trust for a donation of £250
4. Nari Vrund, Croydon for a donation of £50.00
My special thanks to the many individual donors, many of whom donate on a monthly basis.

The Donations:
1. £500 to New Hope Animal Rescue, Kent
2. £500 to People for Animals Trust, Haryana, India
3. £500 to Radha Surabhi Goshala, Radha Kund, Mathura, India
4. £500 to F.R.I.E.N.D. Animal Sanctuary, Tonbridge, Kent
5. £200 Mare and Foal Sanctuary, Newton Abbot
6. £200 to Animal Care Egypt
7. £200 to Wood Green The Animal Sanctuary
8. £300 to Dobrich Dog Rescue
9. £300(over the last 3 months) to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich
10. £300(over the last 3 months) to Beneath the Woods Animal Sanctuary
11. £600(over the last 3 months)to Lola's Animal Sanctuary, Crawley
12. £100 to F.R.I.E.N.D. Animal Sanctuary, Tonbridge, Kent
Total of £4000.00. over the last 3 months.
Over the last 35 years we have donated over £375,000.

June 2022

Jubilee Beacon Event in Croydon
Indian Vegetarians organised a very successful Jubilee Beacon event at Lloyd Park on 2 June. Colonal Ray Wilkinson who represents the Queen in Croydon and his wife Liz were special guests. In the traditional Indian way they were welcomed with garlands by Ishwar Visvanathan who is a young Yoga master.
Councillors Manjul Hameed and Councillor Tony Letts were present. Ajay Jobanputra representing Croydon Hindu Forum and Lohana Community was also present and gave his greetings to the community. Those attending brought picnic food and were entertained with Dances and Music
Prayers for the Queen's continued good health were said by Hindu and Jain groups. The 7th Day Adventists sang Gospel Songs. Janaki Mehta performed Bharatnstyam  dances which left the audience spellbound. Young Nivedita sang a melodious Hindi song.
Our own Croydon's Elvis sang some memorable Elvis numbers. While all this was going on, people were enjoying the picnic and freely sharing food with others. 
The National anthem was sung followed by the ever popular Gujarati Garba dance.
The Indian Vegetarians and Vegans have recently received a certificate of appreciation for organising the Platinum Jubilee event from the palace.
All in all a tremendous celebration.
Photos below: Janaki Mehta - Bharat Natyam Dancer and Colonel Ray Wilkinson and his wife Liz Wilkinson representing the Queen.

December 2021

Donations made by the Jain Animal Sanctuary October and November 2021:
A special thanks to all our donors who make it possible for us to support people who have dedicated their lives to the wellbeing of animals
- £100 to Peta(People For Ethical Treatment of Animals)
- £100 to Animal Aid
- £100 to Mayhew Sanctuary for Cats and Dogs: £100
- £100 to Dogs Trust: £100
- £250 to Wood Green Animal Sanctuary: £250.00
- £200 (Monthly standing order) to Lolas Animal Sanctuary:
- £200 (Monthly standing order) to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich
- £500 to F. R. I. E. N. D. Animal Sanctuary, Kent: £500.00 - £500 (around 50,000 Rupees) to People For Animals Trust, Faridabad, Haryana, India
Total: £2,050.
In the previous 3 months we donated £3900.

November 2021

Sending the Message at COP26 Glasgow: At the Glasgow SEC Centre sending the message to delegates that until and unless mankind turns away from a meat based diet to a plant based diet the Planet cannot be saved. Also addressed a gathering just outside the Centre where the delegates are meeting. There are around 20,000 delegates from all over the world. Hotel rooms are from £300 to £1000 per night. Luckily I had booked months in advance. Representatives of Media from France, Portugal, Croatia and Bangladesh did a brief interviews with me. A young couple from Qatar completely agreed about the Meat and its impact on the planet. Security was tight with hundreds of policemen and women from many cities draughted in. They were however very friendly with my Ahimsa message and let me do the campaigning! There were big smiles when they read the placard! The last picture is outside Glasgow Central Centre.

The last two pictures below are outside Glasgow Central Station and Euston Station behind a billboard saying there is no time to save the planet.

September 2021

Not Forgetting Animals at this time: First of all our sincere thanks to all those who have donated money to the Jain Animal Sanctuary.
Here is the list of donations made from July to September 2021:
- £300 to People's and Animals Sevabhav Sanstha, Mulund, Mumbai, India
- £300 to Mare & Foal Sanctuary.
- £500 to Lolas Animal Sanctuary, Crawley.
- £200 to Animal Care in Egypt.
- £300 (July to September, standing order of £100 every month.) to Hilltop Animal Sanctuary, Norwich.
Apart from this £2,000 was paid towards buying the sacred 3 eyed calf. Satish Parekh negotiated the acquiring of the calf from a farmer in Wales. It is now at Goshalla in Leicester run by Nilesh and Mayuri Shah. Leicester Goshalla also paid the rest of the money towards acquiring the calf.
Total: £3,600.00

June 2021

3 eyed calf saved from slaughter! We are extremely proud and happy to inform everyone that we have managed to save the three eyed calf named from slaughter.
I first got a call from my friend Paresh Rughani who told me that there were some press reports about a three eyed calf born in a farm in Wales. He said that his friend Satish Parekh wanted to save it from slaughter and that I should get in touch with him. Satish some how made contact with the farmer. And it was not easy!
And so we agreed to make an offer of £5000 to the farmer. There followed at least 3 weeks of talks. The farmer at first was not interested. Satish then gave him the offer and his phone number. He told the farmer that if he changed his mind, he had the phone number to ring.
This was indeed a brilliant move by Satish as the farmer got the message that our patience was running out.
On behalf of Jain Animal Sanctuary we pledged £2000 but now that the farmer had agreed £5,000 there was no time to collect the balance from any other source immediately and so the whole amount was paid by the Jain Animal Sanctuary.
Nilesh Shah with his wife Mayuri Shah also agreed to offer a permanent Sancuary to the calf at their Gaushala (cow sanctuary) in Leicester)
Furthermore they even contributed £1000 towards the cost.
The farmer agreed to transport the calf to Leicester for the sum of £500.00.
The male calf called Isaiha by the Welsh farmer arrived at Leicester Gaushala on Friday 25th June around 4.30pm. ISAIAH was welcomed by Nilesh, Mayuri Shah, Vasant, Nirmala Tank, Satish Parekh and Dixie Patel. Satish and Dixie made the trip from London.
Isaiha has been baptised as Mahadeva by Nileshbhai!
We will arrange very soon an official Welcome/ Pooja Ceremony for Mahadeva. It will be held at the Leicester Gaushala and everyone will be welcome to attend.
We will send an official invitation in due course.
If you want to be part of this project which saved the calf from slaughter please make a donation to the Jain Animal Sanctuary.
This will help us to help to save many other other animals.

Bank Details:
Barclays Bank
Jain Animal Sanctuary.
Account No : 00520225
Sort Code: 20 24 61

3 Eyed Cow Saved Story in the Press - Read details Telegraph, Leicester Mercury

People For Animals Trust Faridabad, Haryana, India A donation of £1,000 was made to animal welfare charity, People For Animals Trust (PFA) in Faridabad, Haryana, India. They bought 5 huge trollies of Cattle feed with part of the money. PFA are doing amazing work for abused and injured animals. They even fit false legs on animals that might have lost one due to an accident. They also carry out surgical operations on sick and injured animals..

April 2021

Not Forgetting Animals at this time: First of all our sincere thanks to all those who have donated money to the Jain Animal Sanctuary.
Here is the list of donations made from January and April 15th 2021:
- £500 to Lolas Animal Sanctuary, Crawley. We also send £100 every month to this sanctuary which was founded by Poonam Doshi whose compassion is as deep as the Ocean
- £300 to Donegal Animal Sanctuary.
- £300 to The Retreat Animal Sanctuary.
- £500 to Faridabad Animal Sevice Centre, Haryana, Indis.
- £300 to Mare and Foal Sanctuary.
- £500 to Beneath the Woods animal sanctuary.
- £100 to Mare and Animal Sanctuary.
- £500 to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.
- £200 to Horse Sense Animal Sanctuary.
Total: £3,200.00

December 2020

Not Forgetting Animals at this time:

First I would like to thank all those individuals and organisations who have donated money to the Jain Animal Sanctuary. A special thank you to all those who also donate on a monthly basis. Here is the list of donations made in 2020::

- £1,200 to Beneath the Woods Sanctuary, Wales
- £300 to Beneath the Woods Sanctuary
- £300 to The Retreat Sanctuary, Ashfors,Kent
- £300 to Copperfield Farm Sanctuary
- £300 to Liberty Animal Sanctuary
- £300 to Wood Green Animal Sanctuary
- £500 to Donegal Animal Sanctuary, Ireland
- £500 to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich
- £750 to Lola's Animal Sanctuary, Crawley
- Rupees 45,000 (about £500) to Animal Trust, Faridabad, Haryana, India.
- Rupees 50,000 to Pashu Seva Kendra, Vadodara, India
- £500 to Lola's Sanctuary, Crawley
- £500 to Hugletts Sanctuary
- £100 to Animal Justice
- £300 to Animal Equality
- Rupees 45,000(£500) to Animal Trust, Faridabad, India.
- £50 to Hungary Cats and Dogs rescue
- £500 to Animal Care Vrindavan, India.
- £300 to Mayhew Dog Rescue
- £300 to Wood Green Animal Sanctuary
- £500 to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich
- £500 to Lola's Animal Sanctuary, Crawley
- £600 to Animal Care Egypt
- £200 to Animal Justice Project
- £200 to Viva Animal Rights Organisation.
- £100 to Mare & Foal Sanctuary, Newton Abbot.

Total donations paid this year: £10,600.

September 2020

Not Forgetting Animals at this time:

Between July and September The Jain Animal Sanctuary has made the following donations. We have donated to the following Animal Sanctuaries:

- £500.00 Lolas Animal Sanctuary, Crawley.
- £500.00 Huglets Sanctuary, Sussex.
- £100 Animal Justice
- £300.00 Animal Equality
- ₹45,000 (Rupees), People for Animals, Haryana, India.
- £50.00 Hungarian Cat and Dog rescue.
- £300.00 Mayhew Dog rescue.
- £300.00 Wood Green Animal rescue.

June 2020

Not Forgetting Animals at this time:

- £500.00 sent to Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, Ireland.
- £500.00 sent to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norwich
- £750.00 sent to Lolas Sanctuary started by Poonam Doshi. She has a large number of cats and dogs rescued from very cruel conditions. The transformation these animals make in this safe haven is amazing to see. They come to life and turn from frightened animals to confident happy ones.
- We also send £100 every month to Poonam. From veterinary care to food expenses are huge. Poonam personally spends so much of her own money.
- We sent ₹50,000 Rupees to People for Animals Trust, Faridabad, Haryana, India.
- £300.00 was also sent to Mahew Dog Sanctuary and
- £300.00 to Wood Green animal Sanctuary

The picture below is of a abused dog nursed back to good health by Poonam Doshi.

May 2020

Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Over 200 Health Professionals in the UK urge the country move towards a plant based diet.
Over 40 years of our campaign is having a life changing impact not only in the UK but all over Europe. We can look back and say we never gave up, we joined forces with a huge number of like minded people and organisations.
We gave Mahaveer Awards to dedicated individuals and organisations. With no budget we have steered the conscience of a nation. The lesson is take up a cause and never give up. Yes have your career but also have a parallel career to do some good.
Before you know you will be getting old and will regret not doing anything meaningful for your time on the planet. But do not choose your project on current fads. Consider the time, circumstances and the country you are living in before choosing a project.
First people will ignore you then make fun of you, undemine you and eventually respect you. Just do not give up

Following recommendations from Viva which is one of the most active and effective Vegan, animal rights organisations in the UK, we ( The Jain Animal Sanctuary) have made the following donations:

- £300.00 to Coppershell Farm Sanctuary
- £300.00 to Liberty Animal Sanctuary
- £200.00 to Beneath the Wood Animal Sanctuary
- We also sent £300.00 to Wood Green, The Animal Charity

March 2020


Jain Animal Sanctuary makes a total of £1,200.00 donation

The #53 pigs was a huge rescue from a horrific cruelty case in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The pigs were seized by the local authority after a raid on an illegal slaughterhouse. The pigs were living in horrendous conditions with animals being slaughtered around them. They were starved and only survived by eating the entrails of other slaughtered animals, cannibalising and eating parts of cars. They were then classed as diseased (due to the conditions putting them at risk of TSE a pig version of BSE as known in cattle) and a disease destruction order placed upon them. We fought a legal case to save them and allow them to live under our care. After 7 months we won. But the pigs are still classed as diseased and have disease restrictions on them, meaning we have to keep them with us for their whole life and they have to stay together as a herd. However it turned out that the 9 months they were kept in a government disease isolation unit they did not separate the males from the females. So when they arrived we actually took 85 pigs!
The money that you have given us has been of huge help, your initial donation helped us buy our first ton and a half of pig food in readiness for the arrival of the pigs and your second donation bought the weekly supply of straw for their bedding. Thank you very much for your help, it has been incredibly appreciated. The rescue is huge and the first time that a government disease destruction order has been overturned. We are fundraising to buy some more land.

Beneath The Wood Sanctuary

Feb 2020

On February 10th and 11th we visited a school in Croydon to spread the Vegan message. There were around 800 children who visited the stalla and learned the benefits of the Vegan lifestyle. Special thanks to Nipan Malde (Nabhinandan) for making this possible.

Dec 2019

Our 39th Annual Christmas Vegan Lunch 15th December 2019

Promoting friendship and a Vegan way of life.

This year we served Samosas and Chevdo for starters followed by Pau- Bhaji, Rice, Salad. For dessert we had Vegan cakes and Indian masala tea! 39 years of promoting friendship between communities to help build a better and stronger Britain. Veganism is now mainstream and we continue on our journey for a world which will no longer harm animals or eat them!

Nov 2019

The Supreme Master Chaing Hai organisation Donates $10,000

On 27 October our organisation The Young Indian Vegetarians received a donation of $10,000 from the Supreme Master Chaing Hai organisation. Supreme Master Ching Hai attained full Enlightenment after a living Master in the Himalayas initiated Her into the Quan Yin Method or the contemplation of the inner Light and Sound. She has hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world. She asks her followers to practice the Quan Yin Method of meditation, to be vegan and to show compassion to all living beings.

All her disciples have to be Vegan, that is a prerequisite to joining the organisation. She has followers in the following countries: Benin, Gabon,Ethiopia,Ivory Coast, Mauritius, South Africa, Congo, Uganda,Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, Australia, Taiwan and Formosa.

Supreme Master has immense compassion for animals. She was warning the world about the climate change from the year 2007. Her message, ' Be Veg, Go Green, Save the planet' has become known all over the world. In 2007 we presented the Supreme Master with our Mahaveer Award.

We simply could not believe that the Supreme Master would choose us for a such generous donation. Every penny of this donation will be spent to help animals. We will support as many animal sanctuaries as possible and help individuals and organisations rescuing animals from torture and death.

Sept 2019

Mahaveer Award presented to Sebastian Joy in Berlin, Germany.

Also in the picture Jayantbhai Patel and Raju Shah

Der Mahaveer-Preis geht an Sebastian Joy.
Ausgehend von Ihrer Heimatstadt Berlin haben Sie die pflanzenbasierte Ernährung in Deutschland und darüber hinaus in den Mainstream gebracht. Wir begrüßen Ihr Mitgefühl und Ihre Führungsqualitäten auf dem Weg in eine neue Welt, in der die Menschen Frieden mit der Natur und allen Lebensformen schließen.
Young Indian Vegetarians (Junge indische Vegetarier), Großbritannien.

Presented to Sebastian Joy.
From your home city in Berlin you have made plant- based food a mainstream lifestyle in Germany and beyond. We salute your compassion and your leadership in bringing in a new world whereby human beings make peace with nature and all lifeforms.
Young Indian Vegetarians, UK.

Celebrated 25th anniversary of Viva animal rights and Vegan activist organisation. Saturday 21 September on a boat trip on the Thames. Pictured above with Heather Mills who has dedicated her life to promotion of Veganism and compassion to animals. The following from the Guardian:
A former crisp factory in the north-east of England will be turned into Britain’s biggest vegan food producer, creating up to 500 jobs in the area, according to its owner, Heather Mills. VBites in County Durham will take over the former Walkers factory and turn protein from seaweed, peas and other plants into substitutes for beef, chicken, pork, salmon and tuna, according to Mills, who told the BBC the factory would be the biggest of its kind in the UK. Mills, who is an animal rights activist and the ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney, launched the VBites brand in 2009. The firm already distributes products worldwide and makes more than 100 products sold in UK supermarke

The photo below with Juliet Gellately founder of Viva. Her compassion is as deep as the Ocean. She has fought and won so many battles for animals. Her team has exposed merciless cruelty towards animals in slaughter houses. In 1990 we gave her a Mahaveer Award at the mass Vegetarian rally we held in Hyde Park. Lord Mahaveer has given her inspiration, strength and courage to fight for animals. May she continue for a long time to come.

We donated £500.00 to a lady who runs a small sanctuary looking after rescued pigs.

April 2019

April Sunday 21st - Foal Lane animal sanctuary Biggin Hill. A great sanctuary looking after cows, ponies, pigs, goats, and cats. Many of them rescued from cruel conditions and many abandoned animals. A special thanks to Poonam Doshi who is a volunteer at the sanctuary. On behalf of Jain Animal Sanctuary we made a donation of £200.00. Cheque being presented by Kumarbhai Patira.

October 2018

October 2nd 2018 - Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary was celebrated in London with this bill board in Piccadilly Circus, London.
A sign of changing times as vegetarianism and veganism as well as compassion to animals are issues which have entered the national conscience.

January 2018

Year of the animal - The piece by Elisa Allen brings good cheer for the beginning of the New Year. Granting of fundamental rights to animals is something we as a human species have neglected for centuries. Our treatment of animals has been unparalleled in its sheer scale of brutality. It has hurt animals and it has also had a negative impact on the human species. We have morally lowered ourselves in failing to show basic compassion to animals who share this planet with us. Our violence towards animals rebounds on our species. It hangs like a foreboding, menacing cloud striping us of compassion and empathy with other living beings. We need to take that huge leap in abandoning violence towards animals and by doing so we will be doing ourselves a huge favour as well.

December 2017

We had our 37th annual a Vegan lunch on Sunday 17 December. This event was started to promote friendship with our Christian friends, to introduce them to the delights of Indian food and to convey the message that the Indian community is proud to be British. If all Indian organisations held similar event the impact would be amazing. The leader of Croydon Council Tony Newman said, 'This event signifies all that is positive about Croydon'. Around 120 people enjoyed a feast. The menu was: Starters: Samosa and Patra, Main course: Hot Rotis, Potato, Aubrigine Sabji, Salad, Dahl and Rice followed by Vegan Cake, Tea and Coffee. Members of 7th Day Aventist Church who also promote Vegetarianism sang Carols. For 37 years this event has continued!

Jun 2017


Jain Ashram Birmingham Celebrates its 40th anniversary
A Mahaveer award was presented to Dean Bracher representing Birmingham Animal Action. The event was held on Saturday 24 June 2017. The picture shows Nitin and Dean with the award. The award was formally given to Dean by Amrinder Jain, pressident of the Jain Ashram.

Oct 2016

London VegFest Kensington Olympia was held over the weekend of Oct 22-23. Around 15,000 people attended this annual event promoting a Vegan way of life. We had a stall. 4 people took a pledge to go vegetarian and 10 vegetarians pledged to go Vegan. Compassion to animals and not eating them has been a part of our heritage for tens of thousands of years. I met many British friends who simply love India for its heritage of Ahimsa.

May 2016

All the Jain organizations celebrated Lord Mahaveer's Birthday on Sunday 1st.May 2016 in Harrow. There were around 750 people present. We presented Mahaveer Awards to two outstanding individuals. On behalf of League Against Cruel Sports they were monitoring illegal Fox hunt when they were brutally attacked. Darryl Cunnigham had a cracked vertebra in the neck and was hospitalized. Roger Swaine also sustained injuries. The awards were given away by Dr. Mukul Shah and Dr. Freya Shah as well as Anubhai and Taraben Shah.

The Citation on the award is as follows:
Presented to Darryl Cunningham
You were brutally attacked while monitoring a fox hunt in Leicestershire. Your courage and compassion for defenceless animals is exemplary. We call your kind act 'Abhay Daan'. It means giving someone protection from fear of death. Generations to come will be inspired by you. We salute you.
- Y.I.V. 1/1/2016.

Presented to Roger Swain
You were brutally attacked while monitoring a fox hunt in Leicestershire. Your courage and compassion for defenceless animals is exemplary. We call your kind act 'Abhay Daan'. It means giving someone protection from fear of death. Generations to come will be inspired by you. We salute you.
- Y.I.V. 1/1/2016.

In the first picture from left: Barbara Gardner from Interfaith Alliance for Animals, Dr. Mukul Shah, Dr. Freya Shah, Roger Swaine, Darryl Cunnuingham.
Second picture: From left Roger, Darryl, Anubhai and Taraben.

December 2015

Letter Published in the Independent, 29 Dec 2015.
Dear Sir The article by Tom Bawden (24 Dec), regarding the potential of mass migration and human suffering due to global warming makes sobering reading. What is often overlooked is that the biggest causes of global warming is the methane gas produced by billions of farm animals raised for meat. Almost 40% of world's fresh water resources is used up in raising these animals. Animals are voracious consumers of water. Over grazing is turning huge swathes of the Earth into deserts. Almost 40% of worlds cereals are fed to these animals rather then feeding the poor. The billions of tones of waste produced by these animals seep into our waterways causing massive pollution and acid rain which destroy trees. Unless human beings turn away from a meat based diet to a plant based diet, a catastrophe awaits us.The solution to solving the global warming crisis is not with international treaties but with each one of us. Let us be the change we want.

Sept 2015

Recently elected Labour Party leader in the UK Jeremy Corbyn, a prominent vegetarian, has in the past supported the Young Indian Vegetarians. Here he is seen with Nitin Mehta addressing a vegetarian rally we organized in Hyde Park on 28 July 1991

July 2015

Letter Published in today's Independent, 16 July 2015.
The Independent took a principled and admirable stand in opposing any change as regards to fox hunting. I have always wondered why some people go hunting with the help of guns or hounds. If they were to take on an animal on their own I would have some respect for them.

May 2015

This year's Mahaveer Award was presented to Marion and Mark Eton on 16th May 2015. The inscription reads:
"Presented to Founders of F.R.I.E.N.D. Animal Rescue Sanctuary.You have dedicated your lives to the care of animals for 18 years.We salute your compassion which is as deep as the Ocean."
Even though Marion is very ill she is absolutely dedicated to animals. The sanctuary is very short of funds, looking after around 150 animals. If anyone would like to donate any money please contact me. The award is being presented by Nalinbhai Kothari who is the spiritual Guru of Raj Sobagh Ashram. We were so pleased to recognize a real hero for whom the care of animals is her life. The sanctuary is in East Peckham, Tonbridge, Kent,TN125LJ

March 2015

On the 26th of March the Young Indian Vegetarians visited Brunel University where we held a vegetarian event. Six persons took a pledge to go vegetarian. In photo (from left) Nitin Mehta with students Akshar Patel and Nirav Nagda.

December 2014

The Indian Vegetarian Society held its 34th annual vegetarian Christmas Lunch on Sunday 14th December. Nitin Mehta the founder of the society said that the aim of organizing the lunch was the same as when it begun 34 years ago. It is to celebrate Christmas as a national festival and to promote friendship between communities living in Croydon. The Indian community is proud to be British. The Mayor of Croydon Councillor Manju Shaul-Hammed, MP for Croydon north Steve Reed and leader of Croydon council Tony Newman who is a vegetarian were amongst the guests. Around 130 people enjoyed an traditional Gujarati Vegan meal.

The Mayor praised the Indian community for playing a positive role in society. MP Steeve Reed said that the contribution of the Indian Hindu community was great in all walks of life. Members of Purley United Reformed Church, Croydon ecology centre, Croydon vegetarians and Surrey vegetarians and vegans were present.

Guests enjoyed a lunch of parathas, udad dal, peas and cauliflower curry, biryani and bhajias all Vegan followed by vegan cakes and tea. Nitin said that idea of a Christmas lunch was spreading as as a similar event was being held at the same time at Crawley Hindu temple and the Jain Centre in Colindale. Kamlalbhai Rao from Gujarat Samachar was present too. The delicious food was prepared by the ladies and popular chef Rajubhai Shah. Long term friendships are formed by sharing food together and our English friends are introduced to many varieties of Indian vegetarian food.

(In photo are: The Mayor, her husband, Leader of Croydon Council Tony Newman and Croydon MP Steeve Reed)

November 2014


Protest outside Japanese Embassy - Friday 7/11//2014
A massive whole day protest was held. My respects to the committed organizers and so many people,young and old who turned up on a working day.For the whole day Japanese embassy staff heard the protesters and the passing motorists who hooted in support. The message will go back to Japan that they are getting a bad name and have to stop this cruelty. The attached picture was taken by fellow protester and friend Liz Goumas.
Over 2000 dolphins and small whales are brutally slaughtered every year in Taiji, Japan. The helpless animals are driven in a corner by boats. In shallow waters they are stabbed with metal spikes through their spinal cords. They die a slow and painful death. The butchered dolphins are consumed. The Bottlenose dolphins are captured by trainers and sold for upwards of $200,000 to marine animal parks all over the world where they are kept in captivity. In US alone dolphinariums represent a $8.4 billion industry.

October 2014

[28] Protest outside Nepalese Embassy During the Gadhimai event that takes place every year in Nepal around 25,000 animals are killed to appease Goddess. Compassion in World Farming organized a protest outside the embassy on Saturday 11th. October. Famous celebrity and a passionate campaigner for animal rights Joanna Lumley addressed the rally as did Anil Bhanot of Hindu Council. Over 77,000 signatures urging the Nepalese Government to stop the slaughter were handed over to the embassy representative. It was a heart warming scene to see hundreds of animal rights activists who found the time to turn up for compassion towards animals. I addressed the rally and said: "Nepal is a beautiful country nestled on the footsteps of the mighty Himalayas. The majority of Nepalese people are Hindus, a religion which is deeply rooted in the idea of Ahimsa- Nonviolence. Hindus are forbidden to harm even an ant and it is due to this reason that most Hindus are vegetarian. The practice of killing animals to please Gods and Goddesses is a complete misrepresentation of Hinduism. Killing of innocent animals results in getting bad Karma. Bad Karma impacts individuals as well as countries. For the people of Nepal to have peace, happiness and prosperity it is vital to stop killing animals in the name of religion. The tens of thousands of animals killed at the Gadhimai event will fill Nepal with an atmosphere of violence, negativity and screams of poor animals. The beautiful country of Nepal does not need this negativity which will hang over it like an unmovable cloud. By showing mercy to animals Nepal will reap good Karma and people from all over the world will have praise and goodwill for the country. So standing here today in front of the Nepalese embassy in London, I urge the government of Nepal to immediately stop the forthcoming killing of animals. There are rare opportunities in life when an individual gets the opportunity to do something really noble which will make his or her time on this planet glorious. I urge the people of Nepal and the Prime Minister of Nepal to seize this opportunity and make history. I convey this message also as a patron of Quaker Concern for animals many of whose members are present here. I end with a quote of Mahatma Gandhi: The moral progress of a nation and its greatness should be judged by the way it treats its animals."

April 2014

[05] An organization called SPEAK has been campaigning for last 10 years to stop the cruel practice of Vivisection going on at the world famous Oxford University. The group has been tirelessly demonstrating out side the Oxford University Animal Testing Laboratory for 10 years. A Mahaveer Award was presented to the group on 20th February 2014.

Presented to SPEAK for 10 long years of campaigning for animals abused at Oxford University. Generations to come will remember your compassion and determination to end cruelty inflicted on thousands of animals

At the presentation I said that a day will come soon when this evil practice will end and at that time it is the compassion and commitment of SPEAK supporters that will be remembered with pride.

March 2014

[16] Tony Benn UK's most respected politician, a passionate campaigner for social justice and compassion to animals passes away

Tony Benn passed away on 14th March 2014 aged 86. Tony had been a vegetarian for many years and was present at the Vegetarian rally we held on 22nd.July 1990 in Hyde Park. The event had massive media coverage. Many papers reported the event titled,' Veggie Benn'. Tony became a vegetarian after his son told him about the colossal use of crops used in feeding animals to produce meat. At the rally Tony said that he felt very healthy as a vegetarian and he opposed animal exploitation as much as he opposed human exploitation. Tony often mentioned that he had met Mahatma Gandhi when he was a child. Gandhi had made a great impact on young Tony which shaped his concern for social justice and inequality. He was also a passionate campaigner for stopping all wars and advocated pacifism. The following quote from Tony shows his concern for animals:
'The case for animal testing is now being directly challenged by scientists and doctors and their judgement must be taken seriously'

The picture bellow shows Tony receiving the Lord Parshvanath Award at Trafalgar Square. It is being presented by late Sudha Mehta and Kumudbhai Mehta

[16] Protest Outside Japanese Embassy- Friday 21st. Feb.2014

Hundreds of people held a nosy demonstration outside the Japanese embassy protesting the killing of Dolphins and Whales. The Japanese are building up bad Karma killing these beautiful creatures for no good reason.


June 2013

[03] Vegetarian Day at Reading Secondary School

Young Jain, Sohum Shah, organised a vegetarian day at his school in Reading on the 20th May 2013. This was to celebrate the National Vegetarian Week. The school canteen served vegetarian meals all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including the boarding house (for the boarders). No meat, fish or eggs were served on the day. Around 550 pupils enjoyed the vegetarian fayre. The general feedback was great and the school is looking to organise more vegetarian days. The name of the school is Reading School and it ranks in the top 8 schools of the country. The article below is from the school newsletter. What a fantastic achievement!

January 2013

[04] 32nd Annual Christmas Vegetarian Lunch

Around 130 people enjoyed a sumptuous Vegan lunch on Sunday the 9th December 2012 at the Archbishop Lanfran High School, Croydon. Amongst the guests were members of Purley United Reform Church, Croydon Ecology Centre, Vegetarian and Vegan Society and Friends of the Earth. The newly elected MP for Croydon North, Steve Reed as well as many councillors were present. Steve praised the Indian community for the positive role it plays in Croydon. Leader of the Labour Council Tony Newman said that as a vegetarian he always looked forward to this annual event. Nitin Mehta in his opening remarks said that the lunch is organised to foster friendship and understanding amongst the communities living in Croydon and to introduce people to the delights of Indian vegetarian food. YIV members had worked hard to prepare the food and the vegan cakes after the lunch were a special hit.


November 2012

[27] A Mahaveer Award was presented to Maharaz Tarlochan Das Jee on 11th. November 2012 at the Harrow Leisure Centre, Harrow, London, UK. Over 2000 people from many cities of the UK as well as people from India attended this grand event. Maharaz jee has a huge following in many countries. Maharaz jee preaches the ancient wisdom of India. He urges people to lead a spiritual life and serve mankind with humility. He emphasises the importance of a vegetarian diet.

Before the presentation everyone was urged to take a vegetarian pledge by Nitin Mehta, founder of the Young Indian Vegetarians Society. The pledge was taken in Hindi as follows: "I will not eat meat, fish and eggs as from today. May God help me keep this pledge."

In his speech Nitin said that Ahimsa is a gem of Bharatiya civilisation which we have to guard vigilantly. While many civilisations have come and gone in Human history, Bharatiya civilisation has remained alive due to the ideal of Ahimsa. Someone has said: Kutch Baat He Ase Ke Hasti Mit Ti Nahi Hamare. There is something about Bharatiya civilisation that it has remained alive in spite of so many challenges and that something is Ahimsa.

Compassion towards animals and vegetarianism are the ideals that the saints and sages of India have propagated for centuries. Our Ahimsa is the Ahimsa of the brave not of cowards. As Kal Yug progresses if we keep our vegetarian diet then it will be easy to keep our Dharma alive for centuries to come.

Nitin requested Maharz jee to get millions of people in India to take the vegetarian pledge.

The inscription on the award is as follows:

Mahaveer Award
Param Pujya Sant Tarlochan Darshan Das Ji you are keeping alive values of our ancient Dharma. Compassion towards all living beings and Ahimsa are the gems of Sanatan Dharma. With your guidance Bharat will once again lead the world towards the right path.
Y.I.V. - 11/11/2012

Maharaz Jee expressed his great pleasure in accepting the award and said that he would promote vegetarianism and ask people to give up meat eating. The award was presented by members of the Jain community and Bharti Tailor of the Hindu Forum of Europe
A special thanks to Raj who is a devotee of Maharaz. Rajji helped to make this presentation possible.


June 2012

[06] YIV Diamond Jubilee Celebration

The celebration started at the Queen's Gardens Croydon at precisely 3pm and right on cue the sun shone through! The event started with the Hare Krishna chanting party led by Nabinandan Dasa, (Nipan Malde) . This was followed by the Swaminarayan Balika Mandal prayer and song. The children from Oshwal Association Gujarati Classes sang beautiful devotional songs. The Jagruti Ladies group then presented Gujarati Folk dance, (Garba) and stick dance (Dandya Raas). MP for Croydon Central Gavin Barwell joined the dancing party! The Brahma Kumaris had a stall and they gave a message of upholding spiritual values. A prayer was also read by a bishop of a Croydon Evangelical Church.  
The Mayor of Croydon Eddie Aaron and his wife Judith Aaron both of are vegetarians, congratulated the Indian community for its positive contribution to Britain. The Mayor urged the community to keep alive culture and languages. 
The best part of the event was when everyone spontaneously started sharing their vegetarian picnic people from many background shared food and made friends!


A special thank you to Smitaben Rawal, Kusumben Shah, Priti Shah and the ladies of Jagruti Group. Thanks also to Kamalbhai Rao and Gujarat Samachar for the ouboicity they gave to the event.

Les and Angie Kemp for providing the PA system without which we would have been lost!  
The programme concluded with a pledge taken by many people present that they will remain vegetarian for the rest of their lives.


February 2012

[20] Vegetarian Lecture - Oxford University Hindu Students

On 18th January 2012 Nitin Mehta gave talk to Oxford Hindu Society students. Around 25 students attended. The event started with wonderful bhajans sung by the students in Hindi and Gujarati. A talk followed by a DVD called ' Not in My Name ' which shows the utter cruelty involved in meat eating was shown. A lively discussion took place afterwards. There were 2 students who were not vegetarian. One took a pledge to go veggie. The others were enthusiastic to:
1. Proudly promote vegetarianism to friends and relatives where as before they never did that.

2. They became aware of the cruelty that we humans inflict on animals.

3. They were pleasantly surprised to know that Hinduism extends the hand of compassion to other living beings and became aware that it our duty to show compassion to an ant as well as any other animal. Compassion to all living beings is the secret of the survival of Sanatan Dharma and Vegetarianism is a must for practicing Hindus. 

4. They realised the abuse inflicted in experiments on animals, hunting, export of live animals to far away countries and also about the cruelty in milk production. Going Vegan is something they should consider.

5. They realised the importance of going only to vegetarian restaurants and avoiding leather goods.

6. They were impressed with the idea that no matter what the circumstances they will face in life they will never eat meat.

A special thanks to Sagar Shah who organised the talk and to Shaunak Prabhu of the Oxford Council of  Hindu Studies at whose office the event was held.   


January 2012

[08] Annual Christmas Lunch

The Young Indian Vegetarians organised their 31st annual Vegetarian Christmas Lunch on 11th December. Mayor of Croydon Councilor Graham Bass and Malcolm Wicks were amongst the guests. Around 120 people enjoyed traditional Indian Vegetarian dishes. Nitin Mehta the founder of YIV said that the aim of organising this annual event was to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Croydon and to introduce people to the many varieties of Vegetarian and Vegan food. You can have a good healthy Christmas without the Turkey! The riots of the summer meant that the people of Croydon need to come together to bring about all that is best in our town. Amongst the other attendees were members of the Purley United Reform Church, Croydon Ecology Centre and Night Watch.

The Mayor congratulated the organisers and said he was always looking forward to this annual event. Malcolm Wicks praised the Indian community and said greater efforts needs to be made to promote more integration.


November 2011

[21] Swamiji Honoured at UK Parliament

One of India’s most influential spiritual leaders ~ His Holiness Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji honoured at the UK Houses of Parliament.

The Houses of Parliament in UK, played host to one of India’s greatest spiritual leaders, as His Holiness Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji, was honoured by politicians, campaigners and peers in recognition of his outstanding contribution, dedication and service in improving human welfare across the World, through his message of interfaith harmony, equality and brotherhood for people of all faiths.

Swamiji received the Mahaveer Award from the Young Indian Vegetarians Society. The award was presented by Jaysukhbhai Mehta. Nitin Mehta urged Swamiji to mention vegetarianism in all his talks. He also requested that an event in India be organised where around 10 Lakh people would take a pledge never to eat meat.


[03] Nitin Mehta Receives Prestigious Ahimsa Award

The institute of Jainology conferred the Ahimsa Award to Nitin Mehta on 12th October 2011 at the House of Commons.

Nitin said: 'Amongst the other recipients of this award are Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama. They are giants who have changed the course of human history.' I pay my humble respects to them.

Nitin made an impassioned speech to the august gathering to promote Ahimsa, vegetarianism and animal welfare.

Nitin Mehta is presented with the Ahimsa Award by Lady Dholakia

August 2010


[27] Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Questioned!

On 27th August the deputy Prime Minister did a question & answer session with a select audience. I had the privilege to ask the first question. The question: Mahatma Gandhi said 'the moral well being of a nation and its greatness should be judged by the way it treats its animals'. The time has come to form a charter of animal rights so that their abuse in blood sports, factory farming and vivisection can be stopped. The government also needs to promote a plant based vegetarian diet to help stop global warming and improve the health of the nation. Can the animals count on your governments support Mr. Clegg?

The deputy PM replied: We are a nation of animal lovers and the government wants to do as much as possible for animal welfare. Banning of experiments on animals for cosmetics is one of our achievements as a country. The reaction of the public to the recent dumping of a cat in the bin shows how passionately people feel about animal welfare in this country.

Though the answer was not very positive, the question has been shown on BBC TV and in a interview on LBC radio the question was brought up again. Nick repeated that he was aware of the immense concern amongst the public about animal welfare. Nick referred the question as one of the good ones!



[25] Desmond Tutu World Statesman Questioned!


Desmond Tutu came to Croydon Fairfield Halls on Thursday 5th August for a meeting with the public. He was interviewed by Trevor McDonald. This was followed by questions from the audience. I made sure Trevor asked me to put a question! This is what I asked: Thanks to great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and you Sir that some of the cruelties and injustices perpetrated by human beings to their fellow humans have ceased. The time has now come for we humans to stop the violence and abuse we inflict on the animal kingdom. Can the animals count on your support Mr. Tutu? Gandhi strongly believed that animals need to be treated with compassion and dignity. Can you help the cause of animals and go vegetarian also?

Desmond Tutu laughed his infectious laugh and said he liked eating chickens! He then said in the garden of Eden everyone was vegetarian but we have slipped. He said he agreed that all humans and animals should be treated with compassion and no one should be harmed. But he said, 'I am not going vegetarian!' There were over a thousand people and I was glad to put across the cause of animals.

February 2010

[27] A prominent vegetarian campaigner from Nottingham Pat Smith was awarded a Mahaveer Award at the Nottingham Hindu Temple on Saturday 27th Feb. 2010  for his untiring efforts to promote a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle for almost 25 years.

From left Dharamveer Nandha, Pundrick Prabhu, Nitin Mehta, Pat Smith and  Kamlesh Lakhani



March 2009

[09] Nitin gave a speech at Trafalgar Square, London on Feb 22nd 2009 organised by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association to raise public awareness on the impact of livestock and dairy industries on global warming. Click here to view video.


November 2008

[07] In October the International Vegetarian Union interviewed Nitin Mehta as part of their series of email interviews with leaders of IVU member societies.  read interview here


October 2008

[29] On 26th October the Mahaveer Award was Presented to Sri Mata Amritanandamayi . 



[25] On 17th May 2007 the Mahaveer Award was Presented to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Lord Swraj Paul.



[12] On 29 Jan 2007 the Mahaveer Award was Presented to Sadhguru Jagi Vasudev.


January 2007

[18] The YIV Annual Christmas Lunch. We have been organising a Christmas Vegetarian Lunch for over 25 years in Croydon. The objective is to promote friendship with the people of Croydon.



[18] PRESS RELEASE - Swami Ramdev who has brought about a health and cultural revolution in India through Yoga was presented with a Mahaveer award on 13th July 2006.


January 2006

[16] In response to an article in the Guardian Weekend Magazine about Morgan Spurlock who ate nothing but MacDonalds (the film Supper Size Me) and the damage it did to his health, the following letter was published.

The Guardian - Saturday January 14, 2006

Apart from the health benefits of a plant-based vegetarian and vegan diet (Super Green Me, January 7), the ecological and environmental benefits are great, too. Some 55 billion animals are raised and killed for meat every year. Our planet is simply not big enough to sustain these numbers. The result is destruction of rainforests, spreading of deserts and massive methane gas emissions. The amount of grain fed to these animals could feed almost 4 billion people. To safeguard the planet for future generations, a return to vegetarian and vegan diet is imperative.

Nitin Mehta


[18] We organised our annual lunch which we have been doing. for over 25 years on 18th December.This year we jointly organised the event with the Wanza Community of South London Around 100 people enjoyed the lunch and came to understand better the need for adopting a vegetarian diet. The Mayor of Croydon councilor Maggie Mansel was present as well as Lord Weatherill (former speaker of parliament and a vegetarian) Tony Newman (leader of Croydon Council and a vegetarian), Brenda Kirby (past Mayor of Croydon and a vegetarian) Malcolm Wicks Minister for Energy. Members of Croydon police as well as representatives from local churches and the Rotary club of South Croydon were also present.

The menu was: Starters: Cassava fried with Bateta Vada and chutney!
Main: Potato and Peas sabji, Bhathura, Mexican Rice,Salad.

This was followed by tea and Vegan cake.

Many people at the lunch were not vegetarian and went away thinking about it seriously!
The event plays a very important role in promoting understanding between the Indian community and the
host community. It is an opportunity to say we are loyal citizens of this country and ready to build a
better Britain. Every Indian organisation should put together a similar Christmas event.
Navnat Vanik Association also organises this event and the local residents coming in big numbers.



[15] The YIV annual Christmas lunch will be held on Sunday 18th December at Lanfranc High School at 1 PM.

[15] I was invited to give a talk to the Rotary Club of South Croydon on 14th November. The title was, 'Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet.’ It was a lunch time meeting at a Chinese restaurant. Read more here.



[28] The Vegetarian Society held its annual awards day yesterday ( 27th ) at , ' Cutty Sark' an 1830 ship marooned at Greenwich. Wendy Turner Webster a TV personality and former MP Tony Banks were amongst the guests. The best vegetarian cafe awards went to the, 'Maitreya' of Bristol and the 'Rainbow' of Cambridge.

The Raninbow has also received a Mahaveer Award from us. I was privileged to be asked to give away the award for the best vegetarian and cruelty free body and skin care product. The award went to a company called, 'Living Nature'. Here is a wonderful example of Indian community working together with English, Welsh and Scottish people for a common cause! We are all united in Ahimsa!



[21] The YIV will be at Guys Hospital on Tuesday October 4th at 10am in the Children's ward giving a short talk and serving a vegetarian meal.


[12] Nitin will be a guest speaker at the World Congress of Faiths - Interfaith Celebration of Animals, Sunday September 18, 3pm to 5pm at:

       Golders Green Unitarians,
       31 Hoop Lane, London NW11 8BS
This Interfaith Celebration of Animals will bring together representatives of all the major world religious traditions and leading animal welfare organizations. Among those taking part will be Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke, President of the WCF, and Rabbi Jacqueline Tabick, its Chair, the Director General of the RSPCA, Jackie Ballard, who will be lighting a candle for all the world's animals, and participants from the World Society for the Protection of Animals, Compassion in World Farming, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the International Primate Protection League and other leading animal welfare organizations. For further details please contact Rev. Feargus O'Connor, telephone 020 7837 4472, email:



[09] Finally we have our web site up and running. Feel free to explore our pages and feedback any comments you may have. There are currently 2 newsletters available for perusal. We hope to update this selection soon.